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Some help with your search.

We know that easy to use asset management software is critical to maximising the use and value of your asset management system. To help you choose a system we have compiled a list of options.

Our labels will work with any system. If you have any concerns please ask for a sample pack. When choosing a system it's important to consider who will use it and on what type of device. Most systems are priced by the number of users or assets or both.

We are happy to provide advice as to what could work best for your application. For a demonstration on how to get started with Hoist, Airtable or Ping Assets please get in touch.

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HOIST is a tool management app for organsiations to track their equipment, assets and tools. Developed by a team with extensive experience in the construction industry the app is simple to use and also includes a web portal for additional management and reporting.


  • Mobile based with web app
  • Simple focused interface
  • SMS alerts
  • Unlimited users
  • Local support (New Zealand)


  • Focused on high value portable assets
  • Minimal customisation options
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Airtable is a web based spreedsheet service that allows you to track, organise and sort objects. The Airtable interface is similar to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets with additional functionality suited to asset management such as forms, images, calendar view and barcode scanning.


  • Web based + mobile app
  • Free option to get started
  • Integrations with other online systems
  • New features constantly updated


  • Can become expensive for some applications
  • Generalistic tool, not specifically designed for asset management
  • Overseas based / limited support
Airtable Screenshot

Ping Assets is a database integration service offered by Metal Sign & Label. Ping Assets utilises low or no-code services to allow business to maintain their own custom made asset management system. This service is designed for businesses with unique requirements where an existing service does not exist or with basic requirements that don't justify the investment in a large scale solution.


  • Custom solutions developed for each application
  • Mobile, Web and QR code based solutions
  • Integrate with Airtable, Google Sheets, AWS and other online systems.
  • Local support (Australia)
  • Whitelabel options to use your own branded logo, url or app


  • Limited functionality offered
  • Pricing based on application and services required
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Other Options

There are a multitude of other alternative options available on the market so don't be limited to the above options. Labels produced by Online Asset Labels will work with any system and we are happy to discus any compatability questions you have before purchasing. We've inlcuded a list here of alternative services broken into industry focused solutions and generalistic options.