Australian custom asset number, bar code label, equipment identification and serial number tags.

Asset labels and equipment identification tags

Create your own asset label, approve your artwork immediately, and submit order for printing. The fast and convenient way to get labels.

A choice of materials including durable metal - anodised aluminium or stainless steel, flexible labels, mylar or polyprop.

Sequential numbered asset labels with barcodes ready for use on adhesive rolls.

Which type of asset label is best for my application ?

Anodised Aluminium Asset Labels & Tags

0.3 mm thick, self adhesive
0.5 mm thick, self adhesive
0.5 mm thick, 2 holes
1.0 mm thick, 2 holes

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, harsh environments or subject to handling, wear and tear. This asset label / asset tag will resist scratching, abrasion and is unaffected by oil, grease, most chemicals or UV exposure, it is virtually indestructible. These labels will outlive the assets they are attached to.

An aggressively strong Avery HPA2925 adhesive is used to stick to practically all surfaces or with 2 holes for rivet or screw attachment. A slight curve on thinner metal can be accommodated when no flat surface is available by pre bending the label to shape.

Applications: Office, workshop, industrial, marine, external exposure.

Stainless Steel Asset Labels & Tags, 0.8 mm thick, 2 holes

Stainless Steel 316 No.4 finish is the toughest asset label / asset tag for the toughest environments. Often used if chemicals that would affect aluminium are present or in underground mines, food processing facilities and specialty applications. The printing is permanently laser engraved into the metal.

Applications: Workshop, industrial, underground mines, food processing, exposure to high alkaline or acidic environments.

Silver Mylar Asset Labels / Stickers
White Polypropylene Labels / Stickers

Both matt silver mylar and matt white polypropylene are tough waterproof flexible materials with an aggressive permanent adhesive suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use on both flat and curved surfaces. The standard label is suitable for equipment identification items not subjected to constant handling, wear and tear, solvents, oil and grease.

Application: Office, warehouse

Over Laminated Silver Mylar & White Polypropylene

Over laminating adds durability by protecting the printing on the label. The printed image is sandwiched beneath a clear layer of mylar and the print will not wear, rub or wash off. Mild solvent, oil and grease resistant.

Minimum economical print quantity for over laminated labels is 500.

Application: Laptops, iPads, mobile phones, power tools.

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